Welcome to the Official Club of Clan Bob and Weave!
 This is a Rainbow Six 3 Xbox live clan, it may be other games, but for now it's just Rainbow Six 3. This is the #1 hangout spot for the super best friends that are in Bob and Weave. The spot where the tactic of 'Bob n' Weave' was created. This clan is a new born, but we aren't a group of noobs, and i assure you this clan won't fail in a matter of weeks.
We have some standards if you're thinking about joining, it isn't as simple as asking, but all you need is:

  • A good attitude

  • A ratio of at least .70
  • Trash talk is allowed, but only in reasonable amounts, and you have to back it up
  • We will have scheduled practices, and i understand you won't be able to meet every single one, but maybe one every 2-3 weeks
  • Go balls out.
  • Easy, right? of course. If you meet these requirements, send me an e-mail.

     We will be registering at Team Compete very soon and will be taking matches in as soon as a month, we need time to get our team work in sync and all of that jazz. SO IF YOU WANT TO JOIN OUR CLAN, OR IF YOU ARE IN IT, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED AT TEAM COMPETE. That's really all i have to say for now, stay tuned to our site in the coming week for our first roster and blah blah blah.
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